About The SAS Law School

This Year:

Based on our work experience programme, that has been running sucessfully as a part of our Jobcentreplus training provision, we have created a global 'Learning Club' that not only provides free courses to its members, but also provides work experience and a cv/resume enhancement programme.

Recent Past:

Last year, 2010, the SAS Law school developed stronger links with the Institute of Paralegals. And in support of our Jobcentre Plus work the Institute is offering free affilliate membership, for 9 months, to all jobcentre customers who under take and complete the school's free legal skills course.

Also, during 2010 the school significantly expanded its free legal awareness and skills training programme by making it available to Jobcentre Plus customers nation wide. It was also made available, free of charge, to full-time students living in the UK.

In 2008 the school added a work placement / work experience programme which is probably the most flexible and probably the most confidence building work experience programme in the UK.

In 2007 SAS Law School became a training provider for Jobcentre Plus with the aim of helping persons back into employment.

In 2006 the SAS Law School launched its 'Request a Course Fee Reduction' facility, was has been utilized by many students and has been able to provide many students with significant reductions on their course fees. In some cases the fee reductions has been as much as 40%. We believe that this service is a first for education. The driving principle behind this service is to help students satisfy their educational needs at a cost within their individual financial circumstances and constraints.  Making it a fee rate uniquely set for the individual student.

More Distant Past:

The SAS Law School's history goes back 17 years. In 1993 it started as SAS (Solicitors Assistance & Support), an innovative training school seeking to help people, who were not lawyers, gain employment in the legal field.

Within a couple of years law students in growing numbers were attracted to the style and practical nature of the training programme. 

Soon after that SAS found itself running its training courses for law students at various universities (Birkbeck, Bristol,  East London, Guildhall, John Moores, Middlesex) in conjunction with the universities' law departments and schools. 

During 2001, for example, at one particular London university, over 70% of law students trained by us gained employed work with law firms as a direct result of the school's on campus training.

Between 1996 and 1998 two teaching institutions, one based in the UK and the other based in USA formed ties with The SAS Law school.  These ties enabled SAS to be able to offer a truly unique research based BA Law or LLB Law degree to its students (however, these degree programmes are no longer available). Also, early in its history the school introduced free course taster downloads to help determine suitability.