Cancellations and Refunds

Most of our courses are distance learning and we therefore provide free course tasters/extracts to enable a person to better decide if the course they are interested in is indeed suitable and appropriate.

As a consequence of providing free course tasters we do not offer refunds should a person later decide that they no longer wish to take the course they paid for or part paid for. However, in most cases we are willing to grant a credit for the fees paid which can be utilized for another course at a future date.

Where we do not provide a course taster we are willing to offer a refund if a/ the fault was ours e.g. failure to provide the course on the day advertised or, if no date is specified then within a reasonable time frame. b/ If the student requests their refund in sufficient time for us to reasonably replace them.

In any event except in the case of a/ above there will always be an administration charge of �25.00.