Legal Skills + Criminal Court Training

Course Details

The legal skills training provided in this course covers Criminal Court case matters as well as matters applicable in any type of case, be it civil or criminal.

The training course, which is entirely practical, will teach various skills which are required to carry out a variety of solicitor's instructions in both criminal and civil settings.

Some of the skills learned are skills utilized by barristers and advocacy solicitors during court trials and hearings e.g. Targeted Listening, Content Analysis, Content Elimination, Legal based speed writing.

For example, if you were instructed to go to court to take hand written notes of a trial (sorry, no shorthand or tape recordings allowed) how do you take accurate legal notes and at the same time keep up with what is being asked and answered by the barrister, the Judge and the witnesses (especially when the questions and answers are long ones)?

At times amusing situations will be covered in this training course. For example imagine you have been sent to assist the barrister during a criminal trial and in the middle of your note taking your client (who is in the dock) manages to get your attention and indicates that he wants to speak to you, what should/could you do?

As in the civil court training programme having these legal skills, (which are transferable skills) on your CV will impress many prospective employers and could significantly influence an employer to offer you the job you are applying for. This has been the case even when the job being applied for was nothing to do with the legal field.

Please note: that the home study module is flexible and can be completed over days or weeks according to your own personal circumstances and preferences, e.g. 1 day per week for 4 weeks, or some other configuration that is suitable.

Course History

Largely due to the reputation gained through its teaching methods the school has had the privilege of being invited to teach, on campus, 100s of law students at several universities e.g. Birkbeck, Bristol, East London, Guildhall, John Moores, Middlesex and Westminster. For comments from some who have benefited from the SAS Legal Skills & Court Training click here