Q & A - About Our Gap Cover Work Experience Programme



Some Questions And Answers

  • Who will I be working for? You will be working for The SAS Law School.
  • For how long has The SAS Law School been running? 23 years.
  • Will I be working at the School's UK address? No.
  • Where will I go to carry out my work? The local courts nearest to where you currently live.
  • As I don't live in the UK who will organise the work experience* for me in my own country? The SAS Law school.
  • What will my job title be? International Court Trial Reporter.
  • What will my work involve? Attending court cases/trials and providing CASE/TRIAL REPORTS.
  • How many days a month must I work? Its up to you. 1 day, 4 days 20 days there is no minimum or maximum.
  • Will I be trained to do this work? Yes. Plus further on the job training.
  • How long can I remain on this work placment programme? Indefinitely e.g. until you get a job.
  • If I get a job then become unemployed again can I come back onto the programme? YES.
  • How will it help me get a job? If you have been unemployed for many months there will be a big gap in your CV/Resume work history. This can cast a dark cloud over any interview you may get. Working as a court trial reporter will make you look more employable.
  • How else will it help me? Working as a Court Trial Reporter will be perceived by employers as a good indication of your capabilities and overall abilities. You will also get a work related job reference from the school.
  • Is a place guaranteed? Yes, if you can provide us with court reports.
  • Will I be paid? No. You must see this as investing in your own future.
  • Are there terms and conditions? Yes there are 4 terms/conditions: a/ to be accepted onto our Work Experience/Placement programme you must answer 20 questions from our training manual and pay a one-off admin fee of £30. No previous knowledge of law is required. b/To qualify for a reference you must produce and send in to the school at least 1 court case/trial report covering the month that you want a reference for. The report must be for a case/trial that was taking place in the same month that the report was sent back to the school. c/ You must accept that your reports will become the sole property of the school and can be utilized by the school for any of its teaching programmes. d/ Whilst carrying on the work of a court case/trial reporter for the school you must not bring the school into disrepute by improper, or unprofessional conduct or by wearing immodest or unprofessional attire..

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