When Unemployed Activate Your Lifetime Job Cover Protection.

One of the biggest problems or obstacles that faces those who become unemployed is the ever widening gap that starts to grow in their CV?Resume work history. The fearful words ..."So, I see here that you have not worked for the last 9 months"... can turn into a nightmare. Our Job Cover work placement / work experience programme can prevent that problem from occurring. With our Job Cover Assurance there are no unproductive gaps in your work history, that problem is solved!   Your job ends this month, you can start legal based voluntary work with us next month - guaranteed!

It is a fact that employers greatly prefer some one who has kept his/her work skills active through either voluntary work, work placement and/or work experience programmes, over a person who has not taken up such opportunities. Our work placement / work experience programme is legal based voluntary work which can help your CV/Resume by providing you with a number of valuable transferable skills e.g. improved writing skills, listening skills, comphrehenion skills, body language skills, initiative skills, and many more useful work skills.

The work, which includes free online and on the job training, will involve attending courts in your own country and producing reports on hearings/trials. Your reports, once submitted to the school, will be considered for possible publishing as a student resource for a database of current court hearings from around the world that can be accessed by interested parties e.g. law students and law advocates.

There is no time limit as to how long a person can stay on the programme. A reference will be provided covering the months that at least 1 court report was emailed back to the school. The exception to this will be if some one on the programme brings the school into disrepute by unprofessional and or abusive behaviour whilst representing the SAS Law School as a work expereince / work placement candidate.

We sincerely hope that you will never need Job Cover; but should you do, especially in this economic climate, it is available to you for just a single one off admin fee of £30 no matter the number of times used or the length of time needed.

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