Legal Based Global Work Experience

After receiving training as one of our International Court Trial Reporter learning law becomes even more interesting. working as an International Court Trial Reporter for our school you will learn about the theory of law; the practice of law; and the art of law...

As the work of an International Court Trial Reporter for our school is voluntary, you determine when to work and for how long. However, working for us for just a minimum of only 1, 2, or 3 days in a month, as a trained ICTR, can significantly improve your employment prospects for either legal or non legal work. Also, if you work as an ICTR for our school, we will provide you with a Job Reference as and when needed.

The work is prestigious, exciting, interesting, satisfying, and at times challenging. It involves attending public court / trial hearings in the country you live in and producing reports based on the school's ICTR requirements. Remember, we train you to write these reports as an ICTR.

Your reports, once submitted to the school, will be used to compile an everchanging database of current court hearings from around the world that can be accessed by interested parties e.g. law students and law advocates.

Note: In reality as an ICTR you will be providing a window on the world. A window that interested parties such as law students from all around the world can look into and gain insight on how law is perceived, implemented, practised and exercised in different countries. Such contrasts and differing perspectives will enrich and broaden law students and others understanding and appreciation of law in practice. Your country's legal system as expressed through it's public trials and court cases will become an international educational tool and a resource of invaluable legal and cultural insights.

To qualify as an International Court Trial Reporter for our school, you will need to successfully complete and pass any of our law courses that includes legal skills training (practical module/s) as part of the course.

Now consider the benefits . Your regular attendance at courts will accomplish a number of things; you will find your knowledge of law, your understanding of how law works in practice and your appreciation for the art of law will increase exponentially. Also, from experience we find that if, over a period of time, you visit the courts regularly you will be able to Network with legal practitioners who see you working there on a regular basis. This can be a good source of employment contacts. Also, you will be able to use the work you do for our law school to help you market yourself e.g. by further enhancing your cv/resume and improving your employment prospects generally. This can be by either securing suitable employment or by gaining a promotion in your current job. We will also provide you with a job/employment reference when requested for by a prospective employer.

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