International Refugee Law - Course

Course Purpose

The aim of this course, is to provide a good grounding in international legislation and policy relating to the protection and integration of refugees. By the end of the course, students should be able to demonstrate a greater awareness of international laws that protect refugees. A greater understanding of how refugee legislation relates to other international human rights legislation. An ability to identify the rights of refugees under international legislation, and an increased awareness of the importance of protecting refugees before and after granted refugee status. The course will also give students an ability to analyze domestic refugee laws and policies against the standards set by international refugee law; and an understanding of policies and experiences that foster and hinder refugee integration. 

" today's global market place a law qualification should include an International component..."

Course Details

Start at any time. There are no start dates and no classes to attend. The course is a home study programme that is delivered by e-mail attachments. With the rising awareness of forced migration around the world today, more and more individuals are interested in working within the refugee sector. Those who are legal representatives often find that they wish they had a better understanding of international legislation relating to refugees in order to serve refugees in their region. Others work in the social, human rights or charity sector and discover that a basic awareness of the legal framework that refugees must navigate will greatly improve their ability to serve this client group. This distance learning course, which is in 3 Parts, will not only provide an international perspective of refugee law, it can act as a timely guide to the basic standards each country should meet legally to protect refugees.  Like all our home study, distance learning courses, you can take as much time as you need to finish, there are no deadlines.

On successful completion you will receive a certificate of pass.

Course Contents

Part 1 covers General Principles in International Refugee Law. Part 2  deals with International Refugee Law. Among other things it provides an overview of the international legal process and framework for the protection of a refugee's rights. Part 3 covers Integration of the Refugee. It deals with the need and the ways in which international refugees can be helped to integrate with their new hosts.

In summary, by the end of the course you will have an understanding and an insight into the following three areas:- a/ International legislation and policy relating to the protection and integration of refugees. b/ How refugee legislation relates to other international human rights legislation. c/ The need to analyse domestic refugee laws and policies against international refugee law standards.

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