The Para - Legal Secretary - Course

Course Purpose

As more and more solicitors are looking for legal secretaries who can also under take paralegal work we believe that in a few years from now para-legal secretaries will be seen as the prefered type of legal secretary. For example, you may be seeking legal secretarial work for the first time. Hoping to cross over from a non legal background you recognise that the question of ..."any previous legal experience?"... may well become an issue. How do you make sure that you don't fall at the first hurdle? By giving you additional training in the work of a paralegal or legal assistant you can market yourself as a para-legal secretary, something more and more law firms are appreciating. Our unique legal assistant/paralegal training - featured in the London EVENING STANDARDS 'Just The Job' article on Legal Secretaries (25/01/99) has helped many to get into the legal field.

Course Details

Start at any time. There are no start dates, no deadlines and no classes to attend. The course is a home study programme that is delivered by e-mail attachments. It does not require a previous knowledge of law or any qualifications for entry onto the course. It does not cover typing skills. Our 2 in 1 para-legal secretarial course - now in its 18th year - has been designed to equip a secretary, who has no previous knowledge of law, with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to be able to work as a legal secretary in a large, city type, firm of lawyers. However, for those who wish to, or prefer to, work in the smaller typical High St law firm, having both paralegal and legal secretary skills should be considered a valuable bonus. Which is why we train our students to be para-legal secretaries. No exams: marking is assignment based.

Course Contents

The first part covers an Introduction to General Principles and Procedure in UK Law. This part will provide a good basic knowledge of law and legal procedure. The second part, which is more practical, covers the use of the computer as an aid to help a legal secretary carry out his/her assignments. Legal secretaries who work in successful large city law firms spend a great deal of time using the computer to accomplish a variety of assignments. They therefore need to be at home with the law firm's particular computer based law programme software. Our course seeks to build a secretary's confidence in this area. The third and final part, covers legal assistant/paralegal assignments. This part should be viewed as a valuable extra. Being able to offer a prospective employer 2 legal skills could be the thing that gives you the edge and gets you through the door, especially if you have never had any legal work experience before.

Work Experience?

If you would like to engage in work experience with our school this course will qualify you.

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