Legal Assistant/Paralegal Course - Intermediary

Two Academic Modules

1/ An Introduction To General Principles And Procedure In English Law

2/ An Introduction To UK Criminal And Civil Law

Six Vocational Modules

1/ Assisting Counsel in Civil Cases

2/ Assisting Counsel in Criminal Cases

3/ District Judges Applications Part 1

4/ District Judges Applications Part 2

5/ Assisting the Client at Immigration Interviews

6/ Assisting the client at Police Station Interviews

Two Live Court Training Sessions Held in Two Different Courts - (Optional)

1/ Live Legal Skills Training at the High Court - Civil

2/ Live Legal Skills Training at a Crown Court - Criminal

Optional Work Experience Attending Civil, Criminal and Tribunal case matters.

1/ Participants of the work experience programme can take any or all free courses provided. Registration provides life long membership.

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