Protecting The Client At Police Interviews

The purpose of this practical training programme is to equip you with the necessary skills that will enable you to start along the road towards becoming an accredited police station representative.

You will learn some basic law under PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act). The purpose is to make sure that any interviews that take place at a Police station are done in a fair and agreeable manner with the suspect's welfare and best interests in view. For example, how to make sure that there are no unaccounted time gaps or periods that cannot be accounted for whilst your client was held in custody - this could allow for abuse of your client's rights and well being.

In this single subject training programme you will gain some understanding of what your role is when attending police stations as a legal adviser and also gain a knowledge of the powers entrusted to you by virtue of your role.

On successful completion you will be entitled to a certificate of pass.

Work Experience?

This course does not qualify you to engage in work experience with our school.

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