Wanted: Sole Agents

We need Sole Agents for countries all around the world.

In connection with The SAS Learning Club, which is an international programme run exclusively by our uk law school, we are looking to appoint Sole Agents with sole and exclusive rights over the whole of the appointed Sole Agent's country* of operation. Whilst a knowledge of law or the legal profession can be useful, no previous legal background or knowledge of law is required for these positions. Since becoming a Sole Agent has the potential for generating high earnings, we will only entertain serious inquiries.

To indicate initial interest, please feel free to contact us giving us the country you would be interested in being appointed a Sole Agent. If what you tell us about yourself fires our interest, and if the country you are interested in does not have a Sole Agent currently in place, we will provide you with full details on both the programme and the Sole Agent position.

Note: At this stage we have signed Sole Agency agreements with the USA.

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