If You Become Unemployed: Immediately Activate Job Cover.

Work experience can also provide the opportunity for a person to build back their self confidence in the work place. Failure to show such confidence at an interview can seriously reduce a person's chance of convincing a prospective employer to give them the job that they have applied for.

Our legal based work experience/placement programme will enable a person to present a much more positive and fuller work history/profile on their CV and job application forms. And if a measure of confidence is lacking, the legal skills learned and honed, which are also transferable skills, will also allow a person to rebuild their confidence at their own pace. As long as you hold a pass certificate for at least one of the courses listed below no previous legal experience is needed to participate in our work placement / work experience programme.

Also, those on this programme will be entitled to a Job Reference covering the period spent in work placement / work experience with us, be it be 1 month or 1 year.

Please note that the work experience programme should not affect any UK unemployment benefits that a person may be in receipt of.

Courses that offer Free Job Cover

Legal Skills & Criminal Court Training

Introduction to UK Law

Para Legal-Secretary

Legal Assistant/Paralegal