Q & A - On Our Legal Work Experience Programme

Work experience builds confidence not just in yourself but in your prospective employer. It shows them your interest, your committment and that you have had exposure to the legal world. Do some legal based work for us, in your own country or the UK and get a job reference from us.

Some Questions And Answers

  • Who will I be working for? You will be working for The SAS Law School and The SAS Learning Club.
  • Will I be working at the School's UK Regent St address? No.
  • Where will I go to carry out my work? At the local Courts nearest to where you live in whichever country you live in.
  • As I don't live in the UK who will organise the work experience* for me in my own country? The SAS Law school.
  • What will my job title be? International Court Trial Reporter.
  • What will my work involve? Providing Court Trial Reports for the School.
  • Will I be trained to do this work? YES.
  • How long can I remain on this work placment programme? Indefinitely e.g. until you get a job.
  • How many days a month must I work? Its up to you. 1 day, 4 days 20 days there is no minimum or maximum.
  • How will it help me get a job? Working voluntary as a Court Trial Reporter will enhance your work history and make you look far more employable and work ready.
  • How else will it help me? Working as a Court Trial Reporter will be perceived by employers as a good indication of your capabilities and overall abilities. You will also get a work related job reference from the school.
  • How do I qualify? You must hold a certificate of competency / pass for one of the school's practical based legal courses e.g. Legal Skills Training (or ICTR), Legal Secretary or Paralegal Training.
  • Is a place guaranteed? Yes, if you fulfill any of the above conditions.
  • Will you ask me to pay a registration fee? No.
  • Will I be paid? No.
  • Are there terms and conditions? Yes there are 4 terms/conditions: a/ to be accepted onto our Work Experience/Placement programme you must hold a certificate of competence/pass for our Free Legal Skills civil court training programme, or a certificate of pass for one of our other pracrical and law based courses e.g. criminal court training, paralegal, para-legal secretary or law specialization diploma course. b/ to receive a Job Reference from the school that does not specify which specific months you did, or did not work for the school, you must produce and send in to the school/club a minimum of 1 court case/trial report in any given 2 month period if you reside outside the UK or 1 report per month if you reside in the UK. c/ your reports will become the sole property of the school and can be utilized by the school for any of its teaching programmes or student assist programmes and should not be passed on or sold on to any third party. d/ whilst carrying on the work of a court case/trial reporter for the school you must not bring the school into disripute by improper, or unprofessional conduct or by wearing immodest or unprofessional attire when working as a Court Trial Reporter for the school and attending a court hearing.

  • * In most cases this will not be a problem. However, if your country does not have an open legal system where justice can be seen to be done e.g. trials are all held in secret, then we may not be able to arrange work experience for you.